Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Mentor Thing: anyone need a librarian mentor?

Thing 11: A Mentor?

Now I'm beginning to feel very long in the tooth, for I suspect I'm too old to find myself a mentor!  My PhD supervisor was a wise and learned mentor in the musicology field, but I have never really had a librarianship mentor.

I've supervised a chartership candidate, and do my level best to encourage young professionals, placement students and volunteers alike.  So can I offer myself as a mentor, if there's any young librarian out there who thinks I'd be any help?  (Before I'm deluged with requests, though, I reserve the right to squeal if too many people take me up on my offer!)

Thumbnail CV
  • Librarian for 28 years: university cataloguer, public music librarian, conservatoire music librarian since before Noah built his ark;
  • Three music degrees and a postgraduate librarianship diploma;
  • Working parent;
  • Experience of working full-time and doing part-time study whilst parenting;
  • Writing addict; blogging ditto.

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  1. Just to say I really like your thumbnail CV, what a good idea! Very succinct.