Sunday, 26 August 2012

Thing 17 (Prezi and Slideshare): See, here's the thing

Here we are at Thing 17: Prezi and Slideshare.  Only six things left after this one, and I'm not a quitter!

But ... See, here's the thing (to quote Leonard on BBT):-

I have tried, truly I have. I've fought and struggled with Prezi on a number of occasions, and I just end up getting mad at it.  Mad at it, and mad at myself, because I know I'm not stupid, and I'm not generally thrown by web 2.0 innovations.  I spent absolutely ages trying to master Prezi back in November, and I've dabbled on and off since then. 

Easy as pie?*
So I spent several hours of a precious Sunday afternoon/evening trying to get to grips with it today, and I've eventually decided that I'm not spending more time on something that makes me so tetchy!  I don't like zooming about.  I struggle to make slides bigger and smaller.  I don't want my audience to see something that basically looks childish and ineffectual.  Don't get me wrong - I've seen loads of other people's Prezi's, and very nice they look too.  But in the time I've spent on it, I could have done a very effective PowerPoint.  (Sometimes the old ways are the best?)

But, all to no avail.  I've got four slides in order, with a path between them, and it looks - pathetic. There's no other word for it.  I should rename mine, Karen's Shame:-

Dizzy Doctor

Slideshare, on the other hand, makes perfect sense to me.  I've only ever uploaded two presentations, but it's enough to convince me that it's a very useful way to share stuff publicly:-

Two Presentations on my favourite subject: Celtic song


* As for the pie?  That was yesterday afternoon's project.  It, too, took hours - I even made the puff-pastry from scratch.  The difference being that it was delicious, and thoroughly worth the effort!

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