Saturday, 3 May 2014

Twirling like a Top?

I didn't blog here in April, but on reflection, it's hardly surprising! I took a fortnight off over Easter, when I worked on my submissions for the Teaching Artist course I'm currently pursuing.  During that time, I also met another two of my chartership mentees, which was lovely.  It's great to see people develop in the profession, as they gain understanding of their role and contribution.

Then I went to Cambridge for the IAML (UK and Ireland)Annual Study Weekend - the Whittaker Library won an Excellence Award, and I received a Personal Achievement Award of my own.  It was a bit of a mad dash - I needed to be back to play the organ at church on Palm Sunday!

Back to Glasgow for a few days, then down to London for a IAML Executive meeting.  

Home to Glasgow, and then the Musica Scotica conference in Aberdeen last Saturday.  Another made dash - church organist duties beckoned again.  And it's only another couple of weeks before I'm off to Aberdeen for another day-trip.  

Between-times, it's the day-job, whether in the library or the research base.  And in my spare time?  The church choir, the Teaching Artist course, and anything else that I can't fit in during the day!  Here's my Teaching Artist reflection for today: reflecting on my teaching practice as an academic librarian.

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