Tuesday, 18 September 2012

No short cuts: Thing 20 (23 Things for library cpd) .

We're recommended to look at two websites - the Library Routes project, and the Library Day in the Life.  I hadn't come across the latter before - it's an interesting idea, but you can only enter yourself at designated points in time, so it's more for interest than an action point.

However, I entered myself on the Library Routes project back in 2010,  so that's that done!  

Mind you, things have moved on a bit.  I mentioned a book?  It's forthcoming in March 2013, with Ashgate.  I'm still writing research papers, and giving occasional lectures - both scholarly and to special interest groups.  And I'm about to be seconded part-time as a post-doc researcher on an AHRC-funded music project at Glasgow University.  All this flows from my research interests, but the Glasgow project particularly plays to both my strengths, as I'll be using my skills as musicologist and music librarian.

In terms of librarianship, I've also given papers at both our national and international music library conferences (2012 and 2011 respectively), experimented with and exploited social media as a professional tool, started working with volunteers in our own library; and am now the chairperson of SALCTG, the Scottish Academic Libraries Cooperative Training Group.

So, what are my professional roots and routes?  It's pretty much all there on my 2010 posting.  I started out as a scholar, became a librarian, and can best describe myself now as a scholar librarian.  At times I've been lucky, though at others I like to think I've made my own luck by embracing opportunities as they came up.  Whether as a scholar or a librarian, you have to work hard at becoming an expert in your field - there really are no shortcuts.

Now I'm going to paste this into my Library Routes blogpost, as a postscripted update.  (Apologies to any readers who end up reading it twice!)

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