Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Things I've missed: Thing 18 and Thing 19

Guilt biting me by the ankles, I just checked the schedule to see which Things I'd omitted to do.  Ah, one was a reflective week, so I've only missed two Things.  Too late at night to start on them now, but at least this is an indication of intent, and at least mild willingness to play the game and get them completed soon!

Week 17 (27th August) - Presenting information continued
  • Thing 18: Jing / screen capture / podcasts (making and following them).  I have experimented with Jing - briefly.  And I've also recorded a soundtrack over a powerpoint, effectively functioning as kind of podcast.  I don't do these things often enough to get really comfortable with them, though.  The trouble is, it takes quite a bit of time, and needs a quiet office.  Mine isn't noisy, but it is busy, with coming and going and staff/student queries.  I do not have my own quiet space in which to record things.  And the other thing is, I could record all manner of things, put them up on the VLN, and then sit back confident in the knowledge that hardly anyone would look at them!  Whereas, if I put together a talk or a powerpoint, and deliver it with gusto, I know I've got the message across to my intended audience.  Not that I wish to give the impression I'm a Luddite - I'm far from it - but I do like my efforts to have maximum impact, effect and outreach.  Meanwhile, have a bit of pity - I uploaded loads of stuff onto Moodle last year - I doubt it was much used - and now I'm told that the Jing format may not upload onto Moodle 2.  I'm slightly disheartened by this news!

Week 18 - (3rd September) - Reflection

  • Thing 19: Some time to think about how you might integrate the Things so far into your workflow and routines.  If all these Things have achieved one thing, it's cemented my reputation as the team-member who "gets" and "does" social media.  My blogging habit sometimes threatens to take me over, but what I blog certainly is relevant.  Whittaker Live remains a successful performing arts blog.  I've done a couple of Storifys, and at home maintained True Imaginary Friends (my writing identity), not to mention a couple of others that get used less often.  And last week I signed the Whittaker Library up to Twitter - @WhittakerLib.  Since I already tweet as @karenmca, and have a feed to Whittaker Live, it's debatable whether we need a library Twitter identity, but I'm giving it a cautious try.  I've joined in a few Twitter chats (eg #uklibchat), and would certainly mention social media and CPD 23 on my CV.

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