Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I've blogged Things 18 and 19 - and here's 22

I missed a couple of Things along the way, because other aspects of life got in the way in early September.  However, I've just blogged Things 18 and 19.  Things 20 and 21 are done.  That leaves me thinking about Thing 22, though it won't take me long to blog about volunteering.  Because I've never actually been one, if by volunteering you mean going to a place of work, and working voluntarily.

I did my postgraduate librarianship placement at the Royal Academy of Music Library.  But that's not really what people mean by volunteering, is it?, because it was an enjoyable requirement of my course.

However, what I have done voluntarily, is engage with fellow-professionals outside of my workplace.

I've been Newsletter Editor, Brio Reviews Editor, and a book reviewer, for IAML(UK and Ireland).  I was also Secretary of the North Eastern Audio-Visual Group when I was a music librarian in South Tyneside. 

I've also been involved with the SCURL Disabilities Group (now disbanded), and SALCTG (the Scottish Academic Libraries Cooperative Training Group), where I am the new Convenor.  I recently joined the Committee of the Library and Information History Group as Campaigns Officer.  And I'm a joint List-owner for the LIS Research Support Group.

Outwith librarianship, I was a Branch library rep for Nalgo in South Tyneside, and for quite a while I was Secretary of EIS/ULA, the Scottish lecturers union.  (Yes - if you were wondering - it admits college librarians, too!)  And I've just finished my term as a member of Council for the Royal Musical Assocation.

I can't imagine not getting involved in professional organisations, to be honest. How can liaising with fellow-professionals not be a good thing?  It means keeping informed, and that's pretty much a professional obligation.  And perhaps at times it also means driving the profession forward, because if something isn't moving forward, then it stagnates.  That must never be allowed to happen!

One more Thing to go.  It's been quite a journey!

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