Thursday, 28 June 2012

PhD: Practically half-Demented

Hooked on authorship?

My PhD thesis is at the publisher's, about to be moved to editing/production.  All very exciting.  But, I am already wondering what to do next - talk about a glutton for punishment!  Since all the writing manuals tell us to 'write about what you know', I asked myself what I actually did know.  And it occurred to me that what I know very well is how to do a PhD as a mature, part-time student.  I've thrown together a few of my thoughts as a Storify story:-

PhD; Practically half-Demented

Do you think there's any mileage in this?  Please let me have your comments.


  1. I'm filled with admiration that you managed to write a PhD part time with a family and a job, and your Storify is very useful - I'm not attempting a PhD yet, but it is definitely something I would consider in the future. It seems like it is very hard work, and maybe feels like it's not worth it at times? Do you feel like it has been worth it overall? Well done again, and good luck for your next research adventure. Emily

  2. Definitely worth it - I always felt I'd let myself down by not completing the first attempt. And I know for certain that the second attempt was a better piece of work. I'm very, very determined, so giving up on the second attempt was never even an option. I wish you good luck with your own future researches!