Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thing 1. Start a blog (Karenmca ticks the box)

Thing 1: Create your own blog, write about what you hope to get out of the programme.

I'm doing this for professional development.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm into professional development in a big way.  I did my Music PhD part-time from 2004-2009.  Then I became an FCLIP and an FSA Scot.  I had a go at learning Gaelic (well, I do work at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where we do a Scottish music degree), but my efforts weren't very successful.  And I've just submitted my first book manuscript, which I suspect is going to be a significant learning experience.  However, that develops me as a musicologist rather than developing my library skills as such.  So - here I am.

I already blog and tweet fairly intensively.  Whittaker Live is the Whittaker Library's performing arts blog.  True Imaginary Friends is my book project blog, and I used to write PseudoSupermum until I realised that really, it was impossible!  (The concept, not the blog.)

More recently, I had a go at using social media and crowdsourcing for a small-scale research project earlier this year: Crowdsourcing the Celtic Bard - I did it in preparation for my talk at the IAML (UK and Irl) Annual Study Weekend in Cardiff last month.  I'll put some links up later, but I need to get on with my librarianly day right now.  Back later ...

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