Sunday, 13 May 2012

Thing 2 again: When you author several blogs!

The Multi-Faceted Blogger!

I already have several blogs, but I started this one, Airs and Graces, for continuing professional development purposes.  

None of the others were really suitable.  Whittaker Live is the blog I run on behalf of the Whittaker Library at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.  And I have others for my persona as an author: True Imaginary Friends; and as a working mum: PseudoSupermum. So that's four blogs, and I'm perfectly comfortable with that.  Occasionally, I allow Whittaker Live and True Imaginary Friends to interact with one another, and that's okay too. PseudoSupermum doesn't have much to say for herself these days, having realised that it's actually virtually impossible to be even a 'pseudo' supermum.  (Also, as time has gone by, I've decided I don't really want to write much about my family life.)

Where the fun begins is in the other blogs I occasionally interact with.  Oh, golly, it's almost embarrassing how many corners of the internet I've got into!

I have an inactive Wordpress blog, Multi-Taskers Anonymous.  I only set it up when I was contemplating migrating Whittaker Live, a while ago.  But I use my Wordpress login when I contribute occasional guest blogposts to The Thesis Whisperer, and I must have been logged in when I made a comment on the Victorian Librarian's cpd23 blog last night.  That's unfortunate, because it means I've directed the VL to an inactive blog, rather than to Airs and Graces.  Not to worry - I've listed all my active blogs as a new posting on Multi-Taskers Anonymous (what an apt name that turned out to be!), and I'll tweet the VL explaining my schizophrenic web presence!

But there's also the occasional blogpost for (the Music careers blog).  That's a different Wordpress login, purely via, so I can't get confused there!  And I make odd comments on my page - usually just updates, but occasionally a blog entry.  Lastly, we use Moodle and Mahara on the virtual learning network at work.  That offers me the opportunity to keep a blog, too.  Not surprisingly, I only make occasional postings there.  

The truth of the matter is that I just love putting words down on paper, or indeed in cyberspace.  Given the slightest encouragement, I'll write about musicology, music librarianship, music current awareness or  information literacy, and I've been known to pass observations on working parenthood, or being the sole female in a male household (three adolescents and a retiree).

For now, however, I'll just insert a few hyperlinks and call it a day. 

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