Sunday, 6 May 2012

Thing 2: explore (and why not share?) other blogs

I'd like to introduce you, my new CPD23 buddies, to one of my colleagues.  Lucy Robertson is our Performance Librarian.  No, that doesn't mean she makes a song and dance about the library - rather, she is our orchestral and choral librarian.  She's going to an orchestral librarians' conference in New Orleans in just a few days; she won a bursary to get there!  Not bad, indeed.

Lucy agreed to blog her trip.  So here is her blog so far: Lucy's letters from America. It'll be much more enjoyable for Lucy if she feels her blog is being read, so please do follow it.  Who knows what you'll find out about the secret lives of orchestral librarians - a very special, rare breed.

NB I realise I've actually blogged twice today.  A bit excessive, maybe.  But I thought this was a worthwhile addition to my Continuing Professional Development 23 Things blog, so hopefully I'll be forgiven!


  1. Oh this will be good. I don't know any orchestral librarians.

  2. Who knows what you'll learn about the breed, when they're so many miles away and off the leash!