Sunday, 6 May 2012

Thing 2: Explore other blogs

Please, fellow CPD23-ers - it's proving hard to find out who tweets.  Please do put a Twitter link or give your Twitter handle, then your fellow Tweeps can keep up with you! (I'm @karenmca, by the way.)

Equipped for giving talks!
Looking at other blogs, I've spotted my friend Yi-Wen, and also (I  th-i-n-k) Annabel? Though she's going incognito at the moment!  It's interesting to see what pictures people are posting.   Beautiful landscapes are popular, as are library-themed backgrounds.  Suddenly I realise that I haven't got ANYTHING remotely interesting on mine.  A mouse, oh yes, but that's not exactly original.  Let's see ... ah, that's better.   I bought these baroque recorders so I could play Highland tunes when I lecture on Scottish music.  (The oboe doesn't sound right in this context.  I've never learned how to play the tin whistle with all the ornamentation that a trad musician instinctively does.  The piano sounds so staid.  So a pair of handsome recorders is just fine - at least they sound nice!)


  1. Lovely recorders! I always think they sound beautiful, especially the larger ones.

  2. I have descant and treble. There's a problem about the tenor size - quite apart from the cost, my little finger doesn't reach the lowest note; I'd have to try a keyed instrument!

    These are new acquisitions, incidentally. I couldn't stand and talk about early 19th century song collectors, then play a plastic school recorder - too inauthentic!